An Exercise of Futility (A CSM Retrospective)(Part II)


So where are we? Oh yeah…

1. Redo the Marks of Chaos.
2. Daemon Engines need reworking.
3. Special Characters do more shit.
4. Include Cult Marines that double as specific Chaos Legions.
5. Re-adjust all the point costs.
6. Dedicated Transports. Rework them and adding something to it.

All we have left is reworking them daemon engines and doing something about the dedicated transports.

Something along the lines of reducing the costs of the plasma-fiend and giving both plasma and mauler fiends dedicated roles instead of trying to pass-off as a neither here nor there unit.

The dreadnought will also get daemon forge and some tidbits.

I’ll throw out a new dedicated transport too because the CSM landraider is the sucks.

i’d prolly throw out Part 2 this weekend. Watch out for it! =D

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